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Movie Camera Careeer Research



A Movie Camera Man
Career Research
by Easton Nickel
- 4th Grade -
Page 2-Brainstorming:
Page 3-Introduction:
Camera Operator because when im filming i can see the action in person.
Operate television,video or film camera to record images or scenes for television,video or film productions.
Compose and frame each shot,applying the technical aspects of light,lenses,film,filters,and camera settings to achieve the effects sought by directors.
Page 4-Requirements:
listening to others not interupting and asking good questions reading work related information.Noticing a problem and figuring out the best way to solve it.
adobe systems adobe creative clouds, adobe systems adobe illisterator,Youtube,litchi,pix4d pix4dcapture.
notice when problems happen,order to arrange things,communicate by speaking,listen and understand what people say.
Attention to detail,dependability,cooperation,achievement/effort,persistence,adapt-ability/flexibility.
Page 5-Zone:
zone 3
associates degree or high school diploma/GED
lowest 30,160
highest 101,380
Page 6-Outlook:
I will become an awsome camera man and have millions of dollars.
problem solving and listening very good.
Compareing metal sheet workers to my job my job is better because i get paid better and it seems very fun and i get to see celebrities when i film action movies.And The education is to high and I like my job because I wont get hurt from the medal sheets