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by Drishya P M


Laura, a village girl lives with her parents in a poor family. she had a pet dog jim , whom she found on the streets. she had a friend Lilly and they would probably go everywhere around the village, except the big mountain, all the people in the village were afraid to go to the mountain since there were rumours that there was a witch living in the mountain and he would CURSE those who step on the hill but Laura and Lilly were so interested and decided to climb the mountain with Jim...
One morning they all set up to find the witch, they went all alone climbing up to the mountain...
After a few hours of climbing it was already evening they were all so tired and wanted to rest. Then Lilly exposed"It may sound abnormal but we have to find a shelter for tonight, I am sure that we will be not able to find the witch today " Laura nodded unwillingly "We may have to build something quick it is already late so let's make a cave or treehouse or a tent". Lilly shook her head surprisingly
"'A TREEHOUSE' that's it let's move on we are making a treehouse, Laura collect some wood fast. we have no time.." "Jim you may stay right here we will come back right now", He barked trying to say yes. *THEY STARTED BUILDING A TREEHOUSE* After 1 hour, "Phew... it's finished but it's already late let's go inside, Laura carry Jim he is already snoozing" Lilly said sighingly.
It was already morning and they three set off on their journey," Laura, Jim is not active like yesterday he looks tired " Lilly added "I don't think he can come with us " "Hmm I know he is dehydrated and famished we three haven't eaten anything since yesterday" Laura sighed, "better we should find something, I thought we could come back home yesterday itself and so on I didn't bring any food or water" Laura nodded agreeing *Laura carried Jim on her back * "we should go on different way and meet at this tree house" Laura said. *Lilly shook her head unwillingly
They both set off. Lilly was alone she walked in search of food and water