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The Different Types of Environments

by Sydney Smekens


The Different Types of Environments
By: Sydney Smekens
Before we start reading... Let's watch this introduction video that describes the different environments!
Environment VS. Biome
What is an environment?
An environment is all the living and nonliving things in a place

What is a biome?
A place with certain kinds of living and nonliving things
There are many different types of biomes. Some are cold and dry, while others are warm and wet. Different biomes have different types of soil as well. Some have soft and moist soil while others have hard and dry ground.
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Plants in Different Environments
In order to survive, plants need water, light, food, and carbon dioxide. If the environment they are in does not provide these things, the plant will not survive.
Animals in Different Environments
Animals need water, food, oxygen, and a safe place to live.