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ENGL 524: Luke Alvarado
Concept Check Reflection Journal
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Impactful Language Activity Concept: Transitive & Intransitive Verbs
Concept Check 1
Impactful Language Activity Concept: Transitive & Intransitive Verbs
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What I should practice: I found this game to be quite intriguing as I hadn't categorized or thought about transitive and intransitive verbs in this way before. However, it makes sense that we as educators who are concerned about grammar, should distinguish verb phrases that require a direct object to make sense, versus those verb phrases that can stand alone without a reference to a direct object.

This is a concept that becomes ingrained in our language use as native speakers, but would absolutely need to be highlighted when teaching verbal phrases and their effects (or non-effect) on the object itself. Very interesting indeed and this should serve as an excellent feature to tie into a lesson about verbs and direct objects once students are comfortable with conjugations in the present-tense.
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Adjective Clause Game! (Fun!)
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What I should practice: A learning setting in which this activity could be used could be an ice-breaker or entry task activity. This particular activity could absolutely lend itself to some funny and unique classroom moments that would keep students engaged and learning. Facilitating an activity where students provide adjective clauses before diving into learning about more descriptive adjectives could be added in addition to this activity as well. I was not as familiar with this concept before!

This way, if students failed to provide an adequate or descriptive enough clause as a hint or clue for fellow students to try and guess the noun, a follow-up lesson that provides more descriptive adjectives could be a decent transitional follow-up to the concept at hand.