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Greek Artefacts



Ancient Greek Artefacts
By Mia and Elsie
Ancient Greek Pot .
What was it used for.

This artefact was used to carry wine and water . It was also used seen as a piece of art work . They also used this to wash them self . This tells me that the ancient Greeks were a hygienic civilisation .
Artefact Greek Braclet .
What this is used for .

This artefact was used to wear-if you died you would be buried with your jewelly as good luck . This tells us that the Greek like jewelly and wear it to mabye get married .
Silver Coins!!
This artefacts is used to for currancy and trading . This show us that the Greek people still had a price for things like me have price and money today .
Meatal Helmet

This helmet it called a Spartan helmet and this is an ancient Greek city-state with a millitary culture . This tells us that they had enough materails to form an army.
Arrow Heads .
This is used to attack. So when enemy soilder came it would just look like arrows and shields moveing towards them . This tells us that they could attack areas or animals .