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by Shivani Dwiwedi


Name: Shivani Dwiwedi
Class:M.Ed Semester 4
Subject: Instructional Technology For Secondary and Senior Secondary Education
Topic: Develop Instructional Design.
Teacher: Dr.Rekha Chavhan
Learner Analyses

1. Target group : 12 class
2. Age : 16 to 18
3.Gender : male and female
5.Class size : 40 to 50 students
6. Medium instruction : English
6. Prior knowledge: basic knowledge of economics
7. Learning style: They enjoy the activity based learning
Content analysis

This Instructional design (ID) of economics subject
Where learner will lean.

Micro economics and Macro economics

Utility Analysis

Demand Analysis
Context analysis

1.This ID will implemented on the students of 12 class
2.The learner will learn the concept from home
3.The learner has the infrastructure ready
4.This learner can learn through computer , Pc, laptop, mobile.
Need Analysis

A good understanding of this subject will not only help learn economics as an discipline but would also help us understand the world and reality that we are in.
1. It help to understand and control economic fluctuation
2.It help to identify inflation and deflation situation
3.It help to study the national income
4.It help to study the economic development
5. The study of law of demand is helpful for trader to fix the price of the commodity.
6. In Students entrepreneur skill will develop.

Learning Outcomes

1. Student will memorize the concept of scarcity, supply, demand, cost and benefits.
2.Students will predict the price of the commodity.
3.Students will able to compare the price of different substitute goods.
4. Students will able to negotiate the price of the product.
5. Student will able to develop the trading skill.
6. Student will able to construct the demand schedule or demand curve.