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My toys (1A)

by Daniela Murgulet


Form: 1 A
Prometeu-Prim, 2022
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Hello! My name Julia. I am from Chisinau and I have many interesting toys and many interesting books. My favourite toys are Monopoly, my doll and a castle.
Here is a song for you!
Hi! My name starts with M and ends with A. I am Maria. I am 7 years old and I live in Chisinau. I've got many toys but I want to show you my roller skates, my skateboard and my yellow Picka Chu. I want a new toy from Santa Clause and I know a Christmas song. Listen!
Hello and welcome to my house. I am Victoria and I like to play with my toys. I've got a blue bike, a pink skateboard and a pink scooter. What about you? Have you got a scooter?
And by the way Christmas time is near. Let's sing a Christmas song!