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The Very Stuffed Turkey

by John Freeman


The Very Stuffed Turkey
By John David
The brown family thought it was a normal thanksgiving dinner.
Every one sitting down to eat me! Little do they know I have a plan.🦃🦃
I was in the big red barn that morning when suddenly the door creaked open.
It was the same person who took my cousin last year. He slowly walked in the barn. He tried to jump on me but I ran as fast as a cheetah
He quickly got up and ran after me. He caught up to me and caught me.
I could feel his hands on my feathers.
He brought me into the white and brown kitchen. He said,” I caught jerky the turkey” who is jerky the turkey I thought. There was a girl and she said ,” Good put him on the counter”.
I knew I had to do something.
She skinned me and threw me into the oven.
She turned on the oven to the highest temperature.
I was cooked up like beef. When I came out steam rolled off of me. She brought me into the dinning room and set me on the table
Right when they started to dig in I jumped up and ate all the other food. Green beans where my favorite.
I ran away and I turned fat because of the food. John David ran after me. He slowly caught up to me. I ran until I could not run anymore. And he caught me. And John David got more to eat.
No turkeys were harmed in the making of this book.