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Gorilla Tag news and tips.

by 1FANGUY, Kanataa


2nd book for guides to gorilla tag news
(Pls read the whole book we worked hard on this)
Chapter 1
Let's start it
This is the tutorial place where you start out when you get the game. Some people learn how to wall climb there. That means you are born in gorilla tag.
The tutorial
When you get out of the tutorial you will go into the forest (page based on the forest on page 16)
The ghosts are PBBV, Daisy 09, Statue, Echo, and more. Daisy O9 plays Daisy bell the first song ever made by a computer. PBBV he just walks to the board that shows your name and he kicks them out or banned them. Statue he stands in the store where you see how the clothes look to you. There are more ghosts and the creator does not know if there are ghosts or not because he says he does not see any ghosts.
The ghosts
Statue found?
Echo sighting!
Ben L and Joel news
Haunted codes
WARNING: These are haunted codes beware if you join one of them you could encounter one of the bots or aka ghosts, be prepared to be scared because they are merciless. You need to be careful when joining one of the codes. For example, they might bann you or kick you out of the game.
All right now lets see the codes!
And that's all the codes folks!
People tricked kids for being ghosts
Here's a tip, if you're scared to see the ghosts... Don't be because well first of all it's not that scary it only banned you or just gives you the creeps, and second of all some people may just be Pretending to be one of the ghosts so don't be afraid.
( Do not try this at home, you could get caught and banned for this. )
(true because you can see how many people got banned every day or year or month in the tree)
People do trick other kids or teens. People put the color that the ghosts have, people scare little kids that play gorilla tag. People scare people with mods and use the song Daisy Bell.