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The Treasure Trove: "We Are Writers, Hear Us Roar!"

by Rebecca O'Connor

Pages 4 and 5 of 89

October 2021
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Hello readers! This is the first issue of the Louisville Middle School The Treasure Trove magazine. Many 6th graders have written stories and articles with the element of writing in it, for our first theme: "We Are Writers, Hear Us Roar!" Enjoy the beautiful work created by these talented young writers, and join us next issue for our upcoming theme, "The Power of Story."

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About the cover Charlotte Lumpkin captures the striking relationship between writing and natural beauty as she immerses her blank pages into a sea of marigolds.
Comic Panel 1
Art by Maeve McLennan
Welcome readers and writers, fans and followers, this is the Fiction Section of The Treasure Trove! This section will be filled with fiction stories where writing impacts the character's life. All of the pieces were written by LMS 6th grade students. We hope you enjoy!

The first story is called "Baby Bear" by Meave Whalen. This story follows Baby bear and her friendship with goat. Maeve explores communication in the animal world. Together, Goat and Baby Bear must find her mom. Read "Baby Bear" on pages 3-4.

Next, Davis Bloj creates a extraordinary world on pages 10-11. This story is called "What Bill Cipher Did in 3 Trillion Years Before Stanford Pines." Bill Cipher is a character who loves to write and is very creative.

After that, we dive deep in an excerpt from "Writing the World" on pages 12-13, a piece written by Emma Ackerman. The story follows Henry, who hates writing, and Alana, who is very talented at it. When both of them wake up in an open field, they learn the only way to get their world back is by writing it.
Art by Maeve McLennan
After that, we get the must-have girl power story on pages 20-21. This incredible story is named "Laws aren't Fair" by Leda Jackman. This is a part from Leda's story that highlights how unfair laws were for women in olden times. It follows a young woman who tries to protest against inequality.

Last but certainly not least, is a mind blowing story about four kids and how they stopped writer's block. This amazing piece is called "The Writing Block" by Vivian Keliher. It's an adventure story that is one of a kind. It takes place in the future and has many details that bring the world Vivian has created to life.
Art by Maeve McLennan
Then Isabelle Valliere brings a world to life called "Two Weeks, Letters Only", about two girls getting into a fight. They are immediately sent to the principle's office where they are suspended for two weeks. They are told to spend this time writing letters to each other to resolve the conflict. Read this marvelous story on pages 14-15.

Once that story raps up, we get the thrill of reading "Remaking Writing" by Xander Nelson on pages 16-17. This story tells the tale of Hiero, a boy who dreads having to write. When he wishes writing was never invented, he is brought to Mesopotamia 5500 BCE. He must remake writing.

Next, we learns just how much writing means to some people on pages 18-19. This story is called "The Vanishing of the Writer" by Taylor Spalding. It is about Elli, a girl who gets top grades in Writing Class unlike her sisters who get top grades in everything. Her parents want Elli to do something better with her life than writing and ban her from writing ever again. Elli experiences what life is like without writing and must stand up to her parents to take back what she loves most.
After that, is a story of a girl who finds her passion for writing. This story is called "Shaping My World" by Ayla Rose-Knight on pages 26-27. This story follows a young girl who doesn't know what to write. When her friends give her suggestions, she thinks of the idea to creat a world with anything she wants.

Last, but certainly not least, is a story by Lydia Whalen and Addison Stites named "The Secret Admirer of Aurey Gallager." In this story, someone is writing notes to Audrey. Audrey has no idea who it is, and she wants to know badly. Read this amazing story on pages 30-31.
Writer Maeve Whalen explores written communication in the animal world with her piece, “Baby Bear.”
Baby Bear
by Maeve Whalen
Baby Bear leaves. That's the first thing I remember. Leaves everywhere, and the smell of fall drifting on gusts of wind. I didn't know how I got there, but all I knew was that my mamma was gone. Skkrrritch! My paws moved across a piece of bark, silently saying,
“Where are you, mamma?”.
I surveyed my surroundings. I didn't see my bear tribe, with their brown fur, kind eyes, and the scent of fresh-picked berries. I sighed and moved on, trying to find mamma. 
I did that for days, and I still am. Kinda like a scout-bear, but not looking for new berry spots this time. Crrrunccch! I immediately swivel my head around, growling at the source of the noise. The only thing I see is trees, but I swear I heard something. I’m kinda spooked now. Have the humans found me? Is It momma?
A goat steps out of the trees, with a kind look in his eyes. I jump way higher than I should have and go Into battle stance. You are going down, I think as the goat approaches me.
Scraaatch BUMP!
“I’m not here to hurt you, and you look lost! Follow me to the safe den, you'll love it there!”
I look up and see some apples hanging from the tree. They are ripe and fresh, and you get very tired of eating them for every meal 5 days in a row. Maybe the goat has some food at his safe-place, or whatever it’s called, that's NOT apples. That would be undoubtedly pleasant.
Shree Add!
“Fine I’ll come, but If this Is a trick you’ll be dead in two seconds,” I spell It out with my paws. 
The goat smiles and gestures with his head, and then disappears into the trees. Wait. I pause and look to where the goat went. He's going towards the human village! No one goes there. If you pass Marie Creek, you are in the human territory! Humans cut down trees and kidnap animals! In fact….. 
BRAAAY! I am snapped out of my thoughts. Goat is there, looking all mad. 
“Come on!” he stamps into the side of a tree.
Humph! I guess I have to follow him Into the dangerous part of the woods. Why am I following Goat again?
As I walk with him, I think about what I had been previously thinking before I was so RUDELY Interrupted by Goat. What If mamma was kidnapped by humans? 
… I thought humans weren't allowed in the forest! Wise bear says that humans made it not allowed, but her translations of human papers are kinda… umm… inaccurate… but… I guess humans might not listen to the rules. I’m snapped out of my thoughts by a smell.
  Sniff, sniff, SNIIFFF... wait, that smells like the human village! AS we get closer, I see a cave with a fire-hole that has smoke coming out of the top. Goat goes in, and I cautiously follow him. Inside, an animal Is sitting near the cookfire. It has ears that point up but then fold down at the top. It's very furry, the color is black and white, and it is two times smaller than me. Its eyes seem to inspect me curiously. 
RRiPPP Bump RIP! “This Is Dog! His specialty is human foods! He can scratch too!” I nod to Dog. 
“RUFF!’ He wags his tail. I'm guessing he means, “Swell to meet you, mate!!” 
Over the cook-fire Is a boar in a bucket-type thing carved out of wood. I gasp. No animal Is supposed to cook another one! I look at Dog. He seems cute and sweet, but the smell of the dead boar makes me think otherwise.

Why did I follow Goat again?
What Bill Cipher Did in His Three Trillion Years Before Stanford Pines
By Davis Bloj
Chapter 1
Bill Cipher walked out of his 2d college campus, excited to enter someone's mind. But there was one problem; he had to wait until someone summoned him. Plus, humans were not due until three trillion years, so he did what he excelled at (other than making deals) in school: writing!

Chapter 2
Bill sat to write. First, he had to figure out what to write about. Finally, he decided to write about how he was going to take over the world. He decided first that he would be summoned first by child psychic Gideon, then invade the mind of Stanford Pines for the deed to his business, the Mystery Shack. Then he was going to possess Dipper Pines.
Chapter 3
He was going to possess Dipper Pines, then he would appear in a dream of Stanford Pines where he would unleash Weirdmageddon. Then he would possess time traveller Blendin Blandin to trick Mabel Pines into breaking an interdimensional rift that would unleash real Weirdmageddon, and like that, he was done! 
Chapter 4
He felt that if he was going to accomplish this goal, a good place to start would be the Nightmare Realm. He searched for days, and he finally found the dreaded black hole that was a nightmare portal. He entered. Suddenly he’s falling. He only sees blackness for miles and miles, and then he sees a faint light that grows closer and closer every passing second and then, he crashes to the ground, unconscious. 
Art by Caroline Stevens
Writing the World
Photo by Charlotte Lumpkin
Here is an excerpt from “Writing the World” a piece written by a most exceptional young writer, Emma Ackerman.
I woke up to Opi’s wet tongue on my face and I looked around. It wasn’t an open field anymore. I was laying on a patch of grass outside the school. Alana was sitting on a bench writing vigorously in the notebook. I got up and joined her on the bench.
“Alana, did you write all of this?” I asked wide-eyed.
“Yea, I’ve been writing all morning. I think I have most of Main Street.”
“Let me help,” I said, feeling bad she had done all of this while I was sleeping. She gave me the journal and we worked all day. 
“I think we have all the buildings. It’s a small town,” said Alana around 6 p.m.
“Right you are! Now write everything about your family, and I will take care of the rest.” Boomed the voice once more. And so we wrote. We wrote everything we know about our families. Alana wrote about how her parents are pop artists who painted murals around the town they live in.
I wrote about how my family loved to take the 3 hour flight from Michigan to Colorado to ski each year. When we were done every square inch of blank page was filled with our world. Then as the sun began to set, the light flooded the empty streets and filled them with joy and community.
Every person of Pinebrook was returned to their home and their lives. We stood up from the bench. We hugged each other tightly, and said goodbye. I raced home, so happy that I was going to see my family again.
The next day in Language Arts, Ms. Redding asked me a strange question.
“Henry, do you think your experience of the last 2 days has helped you grow as a writer?” she had asked, like she knew everything that had happened.
“I think it did. Here’s my journal. I finished it.” I gave Ms. Redding the journal Alana and I had written. As she opened it and read. Then she said:
“You have grown as a writer. I think you just needed a little help from an unexpected ally.”