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The Three water unicorn mermaids

by Stephanie.Augustin


Stephanie and the Three unicorn water
The prettiest girl named Diamond by Stephanie Augustin
When she had fun with his Little baby brother Taking his nap, And then her mom call her She said Diamond And then she said yes her mom said ¨Can you deliver this cookies to the Unicorn water Diamond¨- said yes then she go.
And then. Diamond Went to The You can wash your family's house To give them some seagrass cookies,then she ring The door but,Nobody was inside of the house here ring and ring the doorbell but Nobody's answered And then she open the door.
When she open The door There's nobody here She saw In Side the house She's a little bit scared She saw the kitchen And then she saw a table They have three Siri grass Serigraph Grass And then she try The first one And then she say it's too hot And she Eat The notable Bull She say is a little bit hot And then Chi the The bull Little Bull And then It tastes Right And then she's going go to the living room.
Diamond sit on The Big chair And then it's not uncomfortable,Next She Sit down A different chair And it is not a little bit comfortable When she Sit on The little Chair It was very Very VERY?!? uncomfortable She like it there's pools Pearls And she see the pearls She like this chair As in the chair got Broken And then she Pearls The two pearls With her And She going to the second floor.
And then She went up Stairs
First, She Check the first room She saw a big bed It's not a comfortable Next, She open a door She saw a bed was Accountable But is a little bit comfortable And the last, room She saw A bed Is uncomfortable She like it Too much very very good And then and then She Take A Nap the Unicorn Water Family Come back home.