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Women that inspired us

by 9C Vidhögeskolan

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9C's women that inspired us
The woman that has inspired me the most is my mother. I don’t know anyone as brave as her. One day she decided to quit her job and start her own company, even though she knew that her company might fail. Today she is constantly working and the company is doing far better than anyone ever could have imagined. She is prepared to work from the moment she wakes up to the moment she goes to bed, constantly planning meetings or being on the phone with a business partner or colleague. Any time I hear one of these conversations I am struck by how smart and competent she is and how good she is on her job.

At the same time as she has work up to her ears, she is also the most supportive mother a child could wish for and I know that she will always be there when I need her and help me in every way possible. 

I could only dream to be half as good as her!
A woman that inspires me is my mom. My mom helps me with everything I need help with . My mother is so kind and so great, even when I am very annoying she keeps up the humor. She helps me if i need help with homework or if a have other problems. I don't understand how she keeps up her humor every time she is alway happy and positive. My mother inspires me because she does everything for me she even wakes  me up at the morning and sometimes she does breakfast for me when i am very tired, and ass i said she does everything for me. She is  kind all the time not just for me, she is kind and positive to everything. I can say everything to her. I Love  my mother. She is the best mother I could ever ask for she is amaizing in all ways
The woman that I look up to the most is my mom. She is very important to me, not just because she is my mom, but also because she has always followed her own way. She did not listen to her parents when they wanted her to become a nurse in a hospital, instead she studied economy and now she works with school budgets. She also played football when she was young instead of riding horses and reading books. 

Now she always makes sure that I know that I’m the only one who can tell what I can or can’t do, and nobody else. Sometimes she can be very hard on me about my homework, but I think that's just because she wants me to be able to choose what I want to do when I grow up. Mom is also the person I can talk with about everything, good or bad things. She inspires me to also follow my own way and do whatever I want to do.     
The woman that I look up to and that has inspired me is my mother. By always being there for me and showing immense strength, despite the hardness and obstacles in life, she taught me to never give up and to believe in myself. My mother also taught me to not think about other people’s opinions on my decisions, which has helped me enormously throughout the years. However, the most important thing that I learned from her, is that you do everything in your power to keep your loved ones safe and happy, and show strength to inspire others. To get up, despite how many times life knocks you down, and to believe in better days ahead of oss. 

My mother inspired me to help others and to contribute to society with a variation of actions, for instance, being kind to people, helping others when needed, not being selfish etc. If I believed in magic and supernatural beings, she would most certainly be the superman of my life!
Sophie Scholl

Sophie Scholl was a woman born in Forchtenberg on the 9 of May 1921. She was a German student and an anti-nazi political activist. Her parents were Robert and Magdalena Scholl had seven children including Sophie and her brother Hans. 

Her father was against Hitler and the nazis, which is why the family had books the nazi had prohibited. Because of this and his opinions, Robert Scholl was in prison two times. The first time for calling Hitler "courage of God ''. Sophie herself didn’t like racism and the nazi, but she wasn't as worried about them as her father was. Around the same time her brother, Hans, joined Hitlerjugend she joined the female counterpart BDM. 

Sophie graduated and did some civilian service and met war prisoners from different places, amongst them France. This gave her a bigger understanding of politics and the war. After the civilian service, Sophie joined the University of Munich where her brother, Hans, also went. Hans had left Hitlerjugend when he understood what the organization stood for. He and another man at the university named Alexander Schmorell created the organization “the white rose” and Sophie joined. The organization handed out flyers with appeals to question the nazis and the regime. A lot of university students also entered the organization but it was very dangerous and the organization split when the men had to leave to fight the Soviets. When Has returned from his time in the war, the group assembled again and they spread their flyers all across Munich and other cities. The group “the white rose” was now the most wanted people in Germany and the Gestapo did everything they could to find and capture them. 

On the 18 of February Sophie and Hans were going to spread out some flyers all across the university. When they were putting the flyers up the janitor found them and called Gestapo. They were arrested and had to participate in many interrogations. Sophie was very brave during the interrogations but not long after they, and one more person, was convicted of high treason and were to be executed. They were prosecuted on the 22 of February 1943, and hours later were executed by guillotine.
Since so many women have helped make me who the woman I am today, it’s extremely important to remember that Emely Davison isn’t the only one. I don’t remember how I stumbled upon her for the first time but I do remember my thoughts. I kept asking myself how someone could be so strong and firm in their believes to be able to do what she did. I remember thinking about all the suffering she went through, all the force-feeding, abuse and mistreatments. All of that and still, I couldn’t help but think to myself, “I wanna be like her”. A woman who lived such a long time ago, who was able to make such a big impact on a little girl trying to find her place in the world. A woman who died before she could see the fruit of all of her blood, sweat and tears. A woman, so fierce, and so strong people believed in her, even after her death. 

Emily, along with many other women, helped me find my place in the world and I am forever grateful for that. Even though I had a family who I love very much, I couldn’t help but feel a little lost and scared of the big, dangerous world throughout my upbringing. Emily, along with so many other women helped me, a lot. 

Here are some other women who has a part in who I am today: 
Emmeline Pankhurst, Signe Bergman, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman.
                                        My source of inspiration

My mom has always been my source of inspiration. Of course, I look up to plenty of other women, but my mom has always been my best friend and the person that inspires me the most. Now, when I am older I realize how well she, and of course my father, have raised me and my siblings. Only that achievement makes me look up to her. She has managed to teach us all of her values and what she thinks is important in life. Besides that, she also takes care of about thirty animals and work with something that I know she sometimes thinks is very tough, but that she still enjoys. A job that she really has studied and worked for to get. 

She has also worked many hours voluntarily for justice in nature. Even though she doesn’t have any time for it, she keeps doing it. That inspires me a lot. She understands that we must protect the environment and nature. Therefore she offers many hours of her freetime for volunteer work. 

Almost every weekend I beg her to come with me to my stable, and every weekend she follows and helps me, when I know she would rather have worked in her garden. She would do almost everything for me and my siblings. There is one more thing that always makes me admire her and look up to her. When I am all stressed out , she always says “Even if you would have the lowest grades in school, would suck at sports or anything else, I will still love you”. I don’t think that every parent says that to their children. When she says that I understand what a cool and inspirable woman she is.