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My Autobiography

by Davis Zhong


My Life's Milestones

a collection of poetry
By Davis
Dedicated to my Mom and Dad for supporting me while I grow.

May 11, 2021

Before I knew the wonderful doors books could open, I didn’t like to read outside of my comfortable zone. Piggy and Gerald was an all-time favorite. It was funny, it had pictures, and I could easily read the quotes. But then, things started to change. In Kindergarten, at Trinity school, I read a comic book with my reading partner. There were many pictures and only a few words which was encouraging. When I was done with that one, I read more books and fell in love with reading. I gradually started to read books with mostly words. The words painted pictures in my brain so I no longer needed the illustrator to draw them. Wings of Fire is a special book to me because the characters are mostly dragons and the genre is my favorite, adventure. 
Playing Piano

I start the piano
Pressing the first few keys
So different from the violin that brushes the bow
and trumpets that blow out notes from the air
This instrument is hard!
My mother says it’ll be all fine
But I still worry
What if I can’t do it?
I finish learning what the keys are
And I start having fun 
A grand piano arrived
Big and beautiful
My mother once said You can do it
It’ll be alright
She is right
Moving to America
I have allergies
My family is concerned 
We move to America
I miss my home
When will my family ever go back?
I meet a doctor
She thinks in different ways than others
Now I can eat many things
And have a happier life
So glad that I came to America
Big Zebra

My stuffy’s sufficiently magical mind 
Yearns for me to stay and play all day

Zebra dreams sometimes seem extreme
Eyeing a lying lion. He bustles towards their muscles
Blissfully hissing around suspiciously
Ready to be steady, he finds a shedding teddy
Activates his stripes for an activity of amazing mazes