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by Robiyabonu Murodova


Captains ship on its way to the treasure
The day was clear, the sky was blue, the sounds of the calm waves were pleasant. The captain was so calm and was not afraid of anything, neither STORM nor storm. After all, his ship was the largest and most powerful among all those sailing on the ocean. However, he was not alone. Together with him were his friends, Travelers, who one day decided to Travel in the ocean, revealing all the beauty and power of water locations. There were three of them, along with the captain, four. Their names were George, Fernand, James. To take such a risk knowing that it is very dangerous because anything can happen in the ocean. They trusted the Captain very much because he was the most experienced and wise captain in the entire hemisphere. As the days passed, they lived in a huge ship, which was not even bad.
They had everything: a bed, warm clothes, food - everything necessary for life on the ship. They swam for a very long time, navigate from one continent to another. One day, James, studying a geographical map deeper and deeper, noticed something that no one had noticed before. There was one uninhabited island called Cocos located in the Pacific Ocean 300 miles from the West Coast. And James remembered how his grandfather told him about a widespread legend that a large treasure was hidden in this island. This island was famous for its wildlife. The map clearly showed that the paths were impassable. However, James, studying the map, found a certain path to a cave where he could go, although the path was difficult.
However, James hope that if they sail to the west coast, they will reach the Island, as well as the treasure itself. After James's assumptions, he told all his friends and the captain too, and shared his opponents. However, the captain was not sure of James's guesses. If we sail in a given direction, we may get caught in the imminentable waves, which is very dangerous for us,” the captain said.
But James was confident in his findings and decided to convince the Captain. After all, we are going after the treasure, which is located on the island. James managed to convince the Captain. And they decided to change direction. They sailed across the ocean along the supposed route of James. While the Captain was steering the ship, the guys decided to take a nap. The captain was on the ship and suddenly he noticed that menacing clouds were appearing in the sky. The sounds of the waves were incomprehensible. The wind blew stronger and stronger. The captain instantly woke up all his friends and reported warnings of the wind and clouds. Everything was clear; an unforeseen storm was already approaching in their direction towards the Captain's ship.
The wind blew over the surface of the ocean, the waves rose more and more. The wind blew so strongly that the waves washed away all the debris that was on the surface of the ship. A very strong storm began. The captain lost control of the ship. The ship was sailing to an unknown destination. They didn't understand what to do next. They decided to hide in the storeroom of the ship