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Book of Books

by Sean Begy


The Book of Books
The Greatest Story Ever Told
The Lord of the Rings
Why talk about more when we've already hit perfection
Book Creator is a unique way to create fun and creative content slides. While not being incredibly different than any slideshow creator (Google Slides, Powerpoint, etc.), it is an exceptionally easy software to use that can be implemented readily into the classroom. I am not the biggest fan of some of the user interface: stretching a text size unselects the box to format, the select box of emoji/images is drastically larger than the image with no option to crop, the wall of a Premium account for basic features and shapes. However, this software and its ease of use could be a great way to get students involved in the lesson, getting to quickly collect their thoughts and present them in a unique and interesting way. For a class, a slideshow can be created for an entire lesson block and published individually. Students can then access the whole lesson as one continuous section, highlighting fun images, links, and especially the ability to add recorded voice memos and notes.

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