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The Story of Johnny Appleseed

by Krewson, Autumn

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The Story of Johnny Appleseed
"Johnny Appleseed" by Svadilfari is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0
Johnny Appleseed was a real man dedicated to planting apples to prevent hunger in America. His real name was Johnny Chapman and he got the name of Appleseed from his endeavors. At 18 in 1792 he started his apple planting journey. Johnny Appleseed and his brother traveled the North East collecting appleseeds from cider mills and finding open land to plant them. Johnny Appleseed was very serious about his apple picking journey and eventually grew it into a successful business. They curated land and sold it to farmers to start their own apple farms.
"appleseed" by mike r baker is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
Johnny Appleseed's mission was so successful everyone loved when he came to their town to visit. He was always so welcomed into everyone's town. While he tended to his apple business he also preached during his travels. Finally after 50 years of traveling he made his final walk to Ohio in 1842. Johnny Appleseed had walked all across the North East following his dream of planting apples. Johnny Appleseed died at age 71 from pneumonia. He lived his dream and helped others throughout his whole life.

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