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We prefer clean than acid rain!



We prefer clean than acid rain!!!
Once upon a time, a man lived in a beautiful house in the woods.
He was unlucky though, because next to his house there was a big factory, working all day long, smoking and polluting the environment. As a result, many clouds were formed in the sky, carrying acid rain, the wind blowing from place to place led them to the man’s house.
When it rained something horrible was happening, the man’s yard started
rotting, the lakes and the rivers turned black, the animals couldn’t stand it anymore, until the house itself was cut in half.
He couldn’t look at this anymore. He was so sad that he decided to solve the problem.
Yes! He would go to the factory and tell them to stop destroying everything. They could use filters to decrease the dirty smoke. They could even shut the factory altogether. They had to do something, anything.