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eTwinning HEROES - The Summary

by Jana Losíková


Summary book of eTwinning project
School year: 2020/2021

The project focused on heroes, starting from mythological characters and dealing then with modern heroes. Through the project the students learnt about different heroes from different countries and cultures. The main aim of the project was the creation of Heroes ID cards, a website and finally the students created a collaborative story.
Where were the partners from?
Mustafa Kemal Secondary School from Turkey
ZŠ Hlučín, Hornická 7, school with specialized classes of Maths and Science from Czech Republic
B' Arsakeio Tositseio Junior High School in Ekali from Greece
Istituto Comprensivo Statale "G. Parise" di Arzignano e Montorso Vicentino from Italy
We took into consideration how important esafety is so we agreed on basic rules which were discussed with our students. We prepared several activities about this issue.