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Yunus Emre
I came from the eternal, clothed myself in flesh, and took the name Yunus
Birth 1238
He was so loved by the common people of his land that the inhabitants of several villages claimed that Emre was born amongst them. He was born either in 1238 or 1240 and probably lived in the Karaman area of Anatolia.
Death 1320
Details of Yunus Emre’s death are a little unclear but it is believed that he died in 1320, thus making him at least 80 years old. In the same way that many different villages were said to be his birth place, so it was in death with a number of locations for his final resting place being declared.
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Yunus Emre, (born c. 1238, Turkey—died c. 1320, Turkey),
poet and mystic who exercised a powerful influence on Turkish literature.
Though legend obscures the facts of his life, he is known to have been a Sufi (Islamic mystic) who sat for 40 years at the feet of his master, Tapduk Emre. Yunus Emre was well versed in mystical philosophy, especially that of the 13th-century poet and mystic Jalāl ad-Dīn ar-Rūmī. Like Rūmī, Yunus Emre became a leading representative of mysticism in Anatolia but on a more popular level; he was venerated as a saint after his death.
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Knowledge should mean a full grasp of knowledge:
Knowledge means to know yourself, heart and soul.
If you have failed to understand yourself,
Then all of your reading has missed its call.