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Doomed to Squeak

by Amal Tahir, Aiza, Innayah, Ismail


Doomed to SQUEAK
Aiza Fuad Amjad
Amal Tahir
Inaayah Waqar
Ismail Saqib
Hello everyone today I will tell you about a story none like you have ever heard of. It will not be like Charles Dickens or Enid Blyton but my story.
Once upon a time, my eleventh birthday to be specific. Happy Birthday to you, My aunt Bertha gave me the best gift I have ever received....A PET MOUSE!!!
I named my pet Squeak as he was a beech brown colour and loved to eat little acorn nuts we found under a sycamore. He had small ebony eyes he was as tiny as a computer mouse. He was a playful mouse who hated cheese although many mice adore it. He had a luke warm abode
"Go to your room to keep the presents," My mother's silvery voice reverberated in my ears. I solemnly nodded my head and frolicked towards my room.
Thought Bubble
It was a manic Moday and I hated to go to school and specially did not wanted to leave squeak at home . I didn't wanted him to be alone with my mother as the past summer was different .
I don't think I have told you about my incident, have I ?

Here it goes :
I woke up...... and decided to feed Squeak some nuts. I went to feed him but noticed that he wasn't around the house. He would never leave breakfast time I checked his favorite park where we would find nuts everywhere. Then I heard a Squeak I suddenly started to find where that squeaky little voice was coming from.
I looked high and low everywhere mostly except there was one corner left and I actually found him ,but i found something strange as well. It was a box which had a rectangular shape. I picked it up and something started to happen, I was feeling weird inside my body. I was shrinking and my nose, my whole body was turning brown!!!!
I didn't know what to do as i turned into a mouse ! i was shocked to death like who would turn into a mouse , like what ! I tried to calm myself down which i kind of actually did . I thought and thought what to do when suddenly a letter dropped out of nowhere which said:
''u have 24 hours
you take these 3 nuts
and hang them over
the wishing tree!! ''
hmm.. sounds like a challenge to me which i absolutely love! but being a mouse hits different in a good way .
I ran as fast as i could the good thing was that i had a map to see a location in which i had to go through a wall , deep green forest with dangerous animals and last as well as the least the tower bridge where the wishing tree is .
First the wall was an huge grey coloured one which had spider webs all around it , A good thing that i was small enough to fit through it as i was very tiny .
There were spiderwebs all around which i was deadly afraid of so it would be a nightmare for me to go through that huge dirty wall .
Next was the DEEP GREEN FOREST with dangerous animals . There were huge green lime coloured trees which actually smelled like Limes to be honest this was the best place so far for now . Everything was going perfect and then it just went quite the opposite .......
A lion jumped out of nowhere and started attacking me he was big , golden brown , and had sharp teeth as well as eyes . I somehow managed to escape it and ran as fast as the wind but [nothing can go perfect can it ? ] i bumped into an elephant [ how cute ] but thats when the idea hit me , lions are afraid of elephants and elephants hate lions ! so i grabbed a apple from the tree and made the elephant follow me and i made a ruckus out of the elephant and the lion .