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Bella Tesch
Hi I’m Ada, I am 12 years old and I live in Madagascar.. I speak Malagasy, which is a combination of Indonesian, African languages, Arabic, and some Malaysian. My religion is Indigenous beliefs, and we believe in supreme beings. Another very popular religion for my people is Christianity. I have four siblings including myself, along with my aunt and parents.
I live in Antananarivo, it’s the largest city in Madagascar and is also the capital. I live in a two story modern house made out of bricks, concrete, and wood. We also have an indoor water pump in our house unlike many others. Not many homes have electricity like mine so we use candles and cook on open fires. When visitors come we usually serve soda and snacks such as peanuts, cookies, or crackers.
I attend school for four years at a primary school, then I attend a middle school for four years, and finally three years of high school. In primary school we are taught memorization and copying things down. In middle school we are taught critical thinking, technology, group work, and class participation. In high school we build on the stuff we learned when we were younger, and we take tests and learn about our culture. The schools in the urban area have running water, toilets, and electricity.
At each meal we eat rice, a meal is considered incomplete without rice. For breakfast we eat buttered baguettes and sweet potatoes. For lunch and supper the rice is served with “loaka” (meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, or broth). As a side we have a mixture of chilli peppers, ginger, and garlic, and to drink we have golden water. We usually eat meals as a family starting at 7am for breakfast, then we eat lunch at 12pm, next we have a snack at 4pm, and supper is at 8pm. When we have guests the kids eat separately.
I play basketball, but lots of people play soccer. For fun families socialize by going to each others houses or by singing and dancing. Not many people go on vacation but for those who can afford it go to beach towns on the east or northwest coast. The two biggest holidays in Madagascar is New Year’s and Independence Day. For New Year’s we celebrate by eating special meals and singing and dancing. On Independence Day we eat big meals and parade the streets of Madagascar.