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Priya's book

by PRIYA SEERAM (Student)


By: Priya
Rose and the 3 bears
Once upon a time in a land far far away there were 3 bears: papa bear, mama bear and baby bear. They lived in a little house in the woods. One morning when they woke up they wanted some cereal. "What cereal should we eat?" asked Papa bear. "Maybe lucky charms." said the baby bear. "Good idea honey," said Mama bear. So papa bear went to the fridge to get the lucky charms and the milk. Then he poured the lucky charms and milk in a big bowl, he poured lucky charms and milk in a medium bowl and he poured lucky charms and milk in a small bowl. Now it was time to eat. "OMG!" yelled papa bear. "These lucky charms are too crunchy. You can hear the crunch miles away." "You are right." Said mama bear. "Let's take a drive in our car." So they went in their car to wait for the lucky charms to get a little soggy.
Meanwhile, far away in a city there was a girl named Rose. One day she got really really bored. “Moooooom.” She said, “I’m sooo bored, can I go for a walk?” “Sure.” Said her mom. So Rose walked and walked and then she got lost in the woods. “Oh no!” She cried. Then she saw a little house. “Maybe people in that house can help me.” She said, so knocked on the door but no one was home so she decided to go inside. When she got inside she saw 3 bowls of lucky charms on the table. “I am a little bit hungry.” She said, so she helped herself and tried the big bowl of lucky charms. “YUCK!” She said, “Too crunchy.” Then she tried the medium bowl of lucky charms. “YUCK!” She said, “Too soggy.” After that she tried the small bowl of lucky charms. “Yum just right but I'm still bored, maybe they have a t.v.” Rose walked around the house and found 3 t.v.s.
 “I’ll watch t.v. for a little bit.” So Rose tried the big t.v. “Ouch my ears, this t.v. is too loud.” Then she tried the medium t.v. “I can’t hear anything, this t.v. is too quiet.” She tried the small t.v. “Ah just right” Rose was so tired, she went upstairs and found 3 beds and wanted to try them. So Rose tried the big bed. It was tall so she used a ladder. “Ahhhhhh I’m scared of heights. This bed is way too tall.” Then she got off and tried the medium  bed. “Nope this bed is way too low.” Finally she tried the small bed. “Just right.” She got so comfy she fell asleep. 
While she was sleeping the bears came home. “Somebody ate my lucky charms!” Said papa bear. “Somebody ate my lucky charms.” Said mama bear. “Somebody ate my lucky charms waaaaa!” Said baby bear. The same thing happened when they went to watch t.v. “Somebody was watching my t.v.” Papa bear. “Somebody was watching my t.v.” Said mama bear. “Somebody was watching my t.v. waaaaaaa!” Said the baby bear. And the same thing happened with the beds. Papa bear went to lay in his bed but he couldn’t get comfy. “Somebody was laying in my bed!” Said papa bear. “Somebody was laying in my bed.” Said mama bear. “Dad.” Whispers baby bear. “The girl is in my bed. Let's scare her. 1.2.3, ROAR!!!!!” The bears let out a big roar.“AHHHHHHHH” yelled Rose, she ran away and never came back.
The End