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My Favourite Beach - Jazine

by Ana Bukovac



My favorite beach is Jazine. This beautiful beach is on a small island called Murter. There’s also an old town called Tisno where my family has a holiday house. These are the reasons why I like the beach Jazine.
Splash water fun!

This beach has a part where is shallow water with sand and small rocks and a part with deep where you can jump. I mostly spend my time in shallow water with my cousin.
Yummy food!

My favorite part is the restaurant with delicious food. I love to eat fish, lobsters, sea shells, shrimps, spaghetti and other tasty sea food. On the beach there’s also a little stand with pancakes, sweet corn, ice cream and popcorn. YUMMY!
Fun things to do!

The most fun part are the pedal boats with a slide. Me and my cousins love to go on the slide together. There’s also a mini golf and table tennis next to the restaurant.

Those are the reasons why I like Jazine. I know that you will like it too!