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One little BIG problem
By:Gavin Nguyen
Once upon a time there lived a God named Milo.He has blue eyes an has armor that he can fly with a makes his word unbreakable.He has a kingdom in the sky.he has a
friend Midas and he is a robot.There is also a mean villain named Storm,he can use his laser eyes with his buck teeth.He also has long arms.Storm live at Devil's Doom it's old, scary and haunted.Then one foggy day
God Milo went out of the kingdom with Midas and flew to get a snack.Then, Storm stole the armor in 0.000000000001 seconds.When God Milo got back he gets shocked and cried "oh NO"."Midas"
yelled God Milo then Midas tracked the armor was.But what they did'int know Storm was following them and Storm broke Midas with a smile Storm said "loser" !!.God Milo GOT SO MAD!!He
went to Devil's Doom and broke the whole thing with his bare hands.Then he looked for the armor but couldn't find it it was on Storm!!So God Milo
fought him and did a bicycle kick in the air because he was