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Why I Think Water Is Amazing

by Matias Merilo


Why I Think Water is Amazing
Matias Merilo
 We use water for many things like making Ramen. When you make Ramen wait for the water to boil and then you put in the noodles. Then, you rip open the flavoring packet and pour the flavoring inside. Now that you have your Ramen you can enjoy a glass of water with your ramen. There are many things you can do with water that are not food related and here are a few reasons.                                                                                      
You can find water in all beverages. If you wake up early in the morning and you want something hot to drink you could have some coffee or tea or just some regular water and all of those drinks have water in them. If you want to put something in your drink then you could have hot chocolate and put whipped cream on it and you can add marshmallows. Hot chocolate is great, you could get a candy cane and put it in the hot chocolate or you could crush the candy cane so you could sprinkle the candy cane sprinkles. Water is also good by itself whether warmed up or not and it's in all beverages.
Water is used in many ways. It is used for things like irrigation so people can water their plants. You're gonna have to keep yourself clean or else you will probably stink so you will have to take showers and baths. You can go for a swim to cool down. It is a renewable energy source and it's used in science electricity and tech. You can use water for many ways and this is a very small list of things that say what you can do with water.
 Water is used and seen in nature/animals and lakes etc. Fish are seen in water along with other water creatures. There is also the water cycle and precipitation is when rain falls to the ground and it fills up creeks and lakes and those waters go to the ocean and that completes the water cycle. We use water for dams, washing our hands and animals drink it all the time. Water is a huge necessity to both us humans and animals and these are few reasons why water is such a huge necessity.
These are a few reasons why I think water is amazing. Its in all beverages, It's used in many ways,water is used and seen in nature/animals and lakes etc. Do you think water is amazing and those reasons are good?