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by ศิริวรรณ บุญเลิศ

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Dear, my diary 26/09/23

This morning I woke up feeling sleepy. I take a shower, wash my face, brush my teeth. To study at the institute. Today there are two classes.There are creative writing subjects and teaching methods.I left the room at 8 o'clock in the morning. Then I started taking creative writing classes. Today the teacher asked me to write a diary. And do a little bit of other work. It's time to study the first subject. Me and my friend took a lunch break. Today they chose to go to Central. and eat KFC We ate and talked in the restaurant. Then returned to the institute to study the next course. But before we entered the second class. We stopped at 7-Eleven to buy some food. Then we went back to studying. After studying, I returned to the dormitory. On the way I bought dinner to take home. I stopped by Uncle Liu to buy mangoes at my usual shop. Today he's selling so well that he's almost out of stock. I almost didn't eat After finishing buying and greeting Uncle Liu I went to buy omelet rice. Then I went up to the room. I went up to the room and sat down to eat. Playing on the phone to feed the digestive system I went to take a shower. Then I sat down and did the homework that the teacher gave me. When I finished, I went to bed.
Dear, my diary 30/09/23

Today I woke up early. Clean the room, wash dishes, cook rice, sweep the house, mop the house. Then at about 8:30 I went to take a shower, brushed my teeth, washed my face to get ready to go to work. Today, Saturday, I have to go to work at the red building. My job is to do Today's nails are Saturday for customers. There were quite a lot, so I had to rush out to work early in the morning. I went out to work around 9:00 a.m. and arrived at the red building at around 10:00 a.m. when I opened the shop. and cleaned the store to prepare for customers. When finished, I went up to the sixth floor to find food to eat. I ate kimchi fried rice. It's my favorite restaurant. It's very delicious. I eat it every time I come to work because I eat So I went downstairs to receive the first customer at around 11 a.m. The customer wore white nail polish, which is a very difficult color for me to apply. Even though I'm a nail technician, I don't like Palex. Ultimately, it took me about 20 minutes to be escorted, then it was finished and I kept accepting other customers until it was close to the end of the day when there was not a foreign customer who came to get my nails done. This customer was pregnant, so I asked if I wasn't sure if the colors at my shop would be suitable for pregnant women. I refused to accept this customer but he told me that I was doing it as usual elsewhere and didn't see a problem. I was fine with it and cut the problem by doing it for her because he chose it herself . I sat and did it until it was past work time around 10 p.m. I hurriedly picked up the shop because of the car that was going back to the dormitory. It was about to run out, so I had to hurry. I was the last shop in the red building to close. It was very dark. I was very scared. I quickly went down the stairs and got on the skytrain to connect back to the dormitory. I got in front of Central and got off. and walked further into the alley, which was quite lonely, I hurriedly walked with enough speed to reach At the 7-Eleven, I was relieved and went in to buy something to eat. Then I went up to the bathroom to take a shower and sleep for work the next day.

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