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How has the geography of the West shaped who we are?

by Sofia G


The way the history of the west has shaped us today
By: Sofia G
My Answer(s) to The Driving Question
Before I get into my book I would like to start off with a short answer to the driving question:

The geography of the West shaped our rich history, influencing us to continue evolving our past accomplishments and learning from our mistakes.
For my longer answer I will be talking about the history of the west and how it shaped/shapes us today. I would like to talk about the CPR railway, the reason it’s so important to me and Canada is because it has opened up many different possibilities for our country. Did you know that If we didn’t accept the promise that Canada offered to BC we could be in Oregon right now? Everyone that lives in BC right now had a chance they could be living in the US. The CPR was something more important then just a railway, it’s where BC’s Canadian history started.
Definitions of The Five Themes of Geography
All characteristics that make a certain location unique from any where else.
Human Environment Connection/interaction:
Any interaction between humans and the environment they are in, especially if modified.
This is exactly where something is on a map or compared to another location.
Anything that is transported from one area to another, some examples might be: people, goods, and ideas.
Any location with distinctive qualities such as: climate and culture.
My comic for the 5 different themes in Geography, the themes are: Place, Regions, Location, Movement and Human Environmental Connection/Interaction. I will show a few pages on what they mean and why I chose that specific place for them all.
Let’s focus on the first few three.
For the first one I chose it is Place, the place I chose was the Sundre Museum. The reason I chose place for the Sundre Museum was because it is a place that shows tons of different animals from lots of different continents.
For the second picture I chose Human Environment Connection and the place I chose was the Royal Tyrrell Museum. I chose this because fossils and dinosaur bones found in the region were brought to the museum where people can study them.
For third panel I chose the Cave and Basin for relative location. I chose this because it is found in the lower slopes of Sulfur mountain. It is less then a two minute walk from the entrance of the cave before you arrive to the beautiful basin.