Book Creator


by Solomon Okorocha


Fortnite is a social game that you can play with and play with other people.
And you can also play against your friends.
And you can play other game modes. That you can play imposter Among Us.
But fortnite is a very hard game you can play on anything like Nintendo computer PS4 PS5 Xbox and other stuff. Fortnite was the best game in the world until start people started not to play in it no more. But other people like the game and I do too.
You can buy other stuff like skin avatars.
And backpacks and other stuff you can buy money that is called
V-bucks you can use v-bucks to buy stuff in the item shop. And you can give other people skins and backpacks and pickaxes and you can buy bundles.
And their Seasons that change after a couple months. And there is a alien season now. Now you have Battle Stars and you can buy skins with that too.
There's been rumors that. Fortnite is coming out with a new anime skin. The Naruto skin. But I don't believe in and I think it's a scam for my still haven't came out with it. Online has came out with a lot of skin in Zombie skins and there is a bus called the battle bus on fortnite is a bust of flies eyes by a mob and you can't open a map to learn where you want to land at in a box and you die you can either spectator play Oar radio app and play it again if you're playing the renal masses he will have to leave and there's actually really good players there cause what. And. When you leave the arena game you can get right back in. Is call a game arena and other arena games and you can try Wonder World Cup and play against sweats.
You can review on against other people and when you want be one basically you need to build places and you first to start the wrong he won't you need to put a wall between middle of two wraps and then. And I added the walls and then you go on the opposite side of the
The person you were playing against you can build 90s 90s are putting a wall floor and rent and you have to build three walls you don't always have to do 90s and you can float other people by and water really fast.
Aimbot is a hack in fortnite people always use it to get the aim better people that use this is called by our players people often get banned for hacking the game a lot of people use Aimbot to kill other people make the
There is many people that is famous because of fortnite known as Ninja.
Ninja is a famous fortnite player he nobody never washes them no more known for never playing for night he now plays war zone war zone is a game with war in it
Ninja. as used aimbot