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The burnt city

by Alisha Dent


The burnt city and the superhuman
“Come on, let’s go before we miss the blooming flower festival!” Shouted Sofie enthusiastically.
“Hang on, I'm coming just one more second!” Bellowed Ava. Meanwhile, Sofie tiptoes upstairs and quietly crept into Ava’s bright lavender room.
“And…DONE!” roared Ava.
“BOO!” screeched Sofie.
“AHHHHHH!” screamed Ava, in shock! Rapidly, she ran downstairs. 
“It’s okay Ava,” chuckled Sofie as she sloped down the stairs after her friend.
At 8:00am, they strolled down to the festival happily. As they went they saw: roses, sunflowers, daisys, and lots of soil. Instantly, Ava saw the roses then I she ran as fast as a cheetah to the roses. Ava LOVED roses! She always wondered what they looked like when they bloom, and now she could see it for herself.

“Beautiful!” Ava whispered, amazed. Soon, she saw a shiny crystal but not any crystal. It was a luscious, red Ruby, Ava’s favourite gem. She had never seen one in real life. She always sees fake diamonds. Immediately, Ava was tempted to touch it but what would happen if she did? Eventually, she had to go, she had to do chores because her family doesn’t have much money, so she decided to help around the house
After a while, Ava went to sleep but she couldn’t. All she could think about was
the Ruby. Soon, Ava gave up, she switched her red fairy lights and her whole room switched from black to red. 5 minutes later, Ava looked up at her modern chandelier. She could see something that looked similar to the Ruby she had found in the blooming flower festival . It came closer…and closer…and nearer…and nearer. Ava remembered it WAS THE RUBY! Instinctively, Ava ran quickly to her mom’s room. But her mom wasn’t there.
Levitating behind Ava, was the ruby but it wasn’t small like it was at the festival. It was the size of a stroller. When Ava looked closer, she saw a few sentences but it was in a language she had never seen before. In the blink of an eye, the Crystal started to crack like an egg. It smashed into pieces and crashed into her. Miraculously, Ava felt something different in her body. She thought it was just a hallucination. But then her mom came back and she started to GLOW. Rapidly, Ava ran like a cheetah back to her room. Suddenly, when she was running, she shapeshifted into a cheetah. Finally, Ava got some sleep.
The next day,  Ava suspected that it would be a normal day but it wasn’t. First, when she got her toothbrush, she set it on fire! Then when she went outside to get some French bread, she set the plants on fire and made a flood inside the bakery. Ava was perplexed.

“Oi! You! You soaked my bread WHY?” Screamed the French baker, furiously.
“Hey, be careful!” Cried another citizen.