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by Lita Imanuela


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The Pinocchio
Comic Panel 1
In a city, there is a shop owned puppet maker named Geppetto. “How wonderful if this sweet doll being a kid.”
After he whispered, a miracle happened. “Good afternoon, Papa.” Dolls talked and started walking. With a great joy, he said, “From today, you are my son. I’ll give you the name, Pinocchio. “” In order to be a smart kid, you start for school tomorrow!”
The next morning, he sold clothes and with that money he bought Pinocchio an ABC book. “Learn by using this book!” “Thank you, Papa. I go to school, and will study hard.” “Be careful!” Said him.
But from the opposite direction to the school, there was a voice, “Drum, dum, dum, dum.” When Pinokio turned out, then it was a puppet tent. Pinocchio then sold his ABC book to buy a ticket and went to the puppet. Inside the tent, a doll girl would have besieged by the warriors sword. “Look! the soldiers were evil …” He got up to the stage, and hit the soldier doll. The doll broke and fell down. The owner of the play was angry and tried to catch him and threw him into the fire. “I’m sorry. If I burned, my papa will be so sad” said Pinocchio. “I promised to papa to attend school diligently. Because of compassion, the owner of theatre released him and gave him a few coins. “Use this money to purchase the books,” said the owner. 
Comic Panel 1
Then Pinocchio went to buy a book. But on the way, Fox and Cat saw that situation. They were greeted him friendly. “Good afternoon, Pinocchio. If the gold increases, your papa definitely more excited, right?”
How do I add this gold? “Ask Pinocchio. “That’s easy. You can put it under a magical tree. Then go to sleep, so when you wake up, the tree will bear a lot of gold.” Pinocchio then escorted by a fox and cat, he planted the golden money under a magical tree. When Pinocchio began to take a nap. Foxes and cats dig the hole and hanged Pinocchio under the tree, after that they went away.
Please ….. “cried Pinocchio when he woke up and knew he was hung on the tree. A fairy who saw the him, sent an eagle to help. Eagle brought Pinocchio with his beak, and took him to the room where the fairy had been waiting for. He was laid on a bed and given a medicine. 
“Well, take this medicine then you will get better soon. After it you may come back to your house, Ok?” The fairy said. “It’s better to die than drink a bitter medicine.” Pinocchio continues to reject. Then the fairy eventually became angry, “Plakkkk!” She slapped Pinokio. Then suddenly came four rabbits that carried the coffin. Pinocchio shocked, he quickly drank the bitter medicine. “Pinocchio, why don’t you go to school?” Ask the Fairy. “Hmm .. on the road, I sold my books for poor children starving and bought the bread. That’s why I could not go to school ….” Suddenly “syuut” Pinocchio’s nose began to elongate. “Pinocchio!” If you lie, your nose will stretch up to the sky.” “I’m sorry. I will not lie anymore.” Pinocchio apologized. The fairy smiled, and ordered a woodpecker pecking at Pinocchio’s nose, so that it restored the its original shape. “Let’s go back to the house, and learning at school!”

On the way home, Pinocchio met the train world playing. Pinocchio could not resist the temptation to ride. Pinocchio has forgotten his promise to the fairy and every day he was just playing around. 
There one day, he surprised to see his face on the surface of the water. “Ah! my ears change to be the donkey ears! I also have the tail,” he cried. Finally Pinocchio became a donkey and sold to the circus. Pinocchio had broken his promise to the fairy, so he got punished.
Each day he was whipped, and had to jump over a hot fire circle. Although scared, Pinocchio still jumping. Eventually he fell until he broke his leg. Circus owner became angry. “Dumb donkey! You are better disposed to the sea.” Pinocchio then thrown into the sea. “Blup blup blup” Pinocchio sank to the bottom of the sea, then the fishes came to bite him. Then the donkey skin apart, and from it emerged the real him. “Thanks the fish.” Actually, the fairy saw that Pinocchio had realized his mistake and ordered the fish to help him.
While swimming, Pinocchio promised to hisself “When I go home I will do to school and study hard. I also will help papa doing his jobs ate home.” By that time “…. Hrrr, a large shark came closer with a creepy voice.” Haaa …. Please. “Pinocchio being swallowed by a huge shark. “Hap” In the belly of a shark was completely dark. But in the distance, a beam of light was visible. It was his father, Geppetto. 
Papa!” “Pinocchio!” They both hugged each other. “I went to the sea to look for you, and I was swallowed by the shark. Fortunately, we are saved! “

Let’s get out of here!” “I do not want to if not together with Papa.” When the shark was sleeping, Pinocchio escape from the shark’s mouth with his papa carrying on his back.
Papa, from now on I’ll more obey you. “Suddenly there was a shining light around,” Pinocchio, you have been a good boy.” Suddenly the fairy appeared, and changed the puppet Pinocchio become a human child.