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'Twas the Night Before Halloween

by Jaedyn Norton


Twas the Night Before Halloween 🎃

by Jaedyn Norton
It was dark at night just past midnight when a strange noise was heard. Molly the ghost went downstairs. Wait. I can't tell you until you meet Molly.
Hi I'm Molly. I did not make it from cancer although it might sound sad it is fine. Really my problem is my mom cannot see me anymore and she misses me. So this is how I went back to the land the night before Halloween.
Now that you met Molly let's continue. It was night just past midnight. There was a strange noise downstairs. Molly went down and then molly said is not funny Lily said Molly. By the way Lily is her ghost friend. You will meet her later.
Hi I'm Lilly. I am Molly's friend. I did not make it from sickness as well but mine was natural causes. It's ok though. I am really happy and so is my mom. She just wanted me to live a good life and I did. So that is my story.
Ok ok enough with the sob story any way
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Well it came that time of the year where all the kids came outside at midnight and said TRICK OR TREAT but that night something happened that no one would guess.
Lilly and Molly were just watching little kids going door to door as they did every year and then they saw something. It was a door.
p.s They had human costumes on so it looked like they were trick or treaters.