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Addy Learns to be Kind

by Abigail Ruppenthal


Ringggggg! Rang the bell at Coral Reef Elementary which dismissed the animals to recess. It was a beautiful day on the Eastern Coast of Australia and Addy wanted to be first. “Move out of my way!” yelled Addy the jellyfish.
Meagan the seahorse was at the front of the line. “Get to the back of the line, Meagan! You do not deserve to be first! You are not as amazing as me! I am always first no matter what! I'm the prettiest Blue Jellyfish with a purple color!” screamed Addy.
 Addy did not have many friends because she was mean to people. She did not like recess that much because nobody ever wanted to play with her. She thought that all of her classmates didn’t like her because she is 98 percent water, considered a Man O' War, and has no heart or brain.
As they went out to the playground in the salty water Addy called Meagan over to play with her. Meagan felt bad for Addy that she did not have any friends to play with so Meagan swam over to her.
 As Meagan was swimming over, Addy stuck one of her stingers, which was about the size of two giraffes stacked up and stung Meagan.