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Term 3 Learning Map

by Leila Rivera


I chose this core skill because i like to talk and help other people if they need help by communicating with them.

Kia Ora! My name is Leila Rivera and today i will be explaining my Learning Map to you and how it helps me.

People: Mum,Dad,Sister,Teachers and Friends.
These are the people who helps me with my learning and other stuff.

Places: School, Home, Library and bedroom.
These are the places that's help me with my learning and helps me to find new things.

Tools: Pencil, pen, chromebook, book and bag.
These are the tools that helps me for my study!
Problem Solving

I chose this core skill because every time i have problems i would either come up to a teacher or to my friends and ask them to help me or give me advice with my problems. I also sometimes help other people with their problems especially when they need an advice.

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