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Mental Health Guide

by McKenzie Randall

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Mental Health
A guide to help you take care of your brain.
Dear readers,
As a psychology teacher, and as someone who has struggled with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, I am very passionate about mental health. Through this booklet, I want to show that mental health is real, treatable, and not something to be ashamed of. Hopefully this book will give you the resources you need to evaluate your own mental health, and make changes in to have a more fulfilling, enjoyable life.
McKenzie Randall
Table of Contents
1- Cover
2- Book Introduction
3- Table of Contents
4- Do I Need Help?
5- Self Care Crossword
6- Mini Meditation
7- How to Find a Therapist
8- What is Therapy Like?
9- Brainstorm: What do I Want in a Therapist?
10- Treatment Statistics
11- You are Not Alone
12- Break the Stigma
13- Resources
Use the graphic below to assess the current state of your mental health. This will help you know which steps to take next!
If you've been experiencing mild symptoms, you may need some extra self care. The crossword below can give you ideas of how to jumpstart your mental health.
You can also try a meditation. This mini meditation by Headspace is a great one to start with.
What if you need more help? Here's a video that walks you through some steps to find a therapist.
Therapy can really help you get to the root of your feelings, and find constructive ways to move forward.