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United Kingdom

by Елизавета Пушкарева


Pushkareva Anastasia
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The United Kingdom
The United Kingdom is an advanced European island country.
It is surrounded by three bodies of water: the North Sea, in the eastern part, the English Channel in the southern part, and the Atlantic Ocean in the west.
The country consists of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The term “United Kingdom” is often confused with the term “Great Britain”, which is the name of the island, but not the state. The total area of the country is 242,500 sq. km. The population is over 67 million people, according to the 2020 statistical data
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London, the official capital city and influential administrative center, is one of the most densely populated megalopolises in the world. Its population is over 9.2 million people.
The major cities are Manchester, famous for its industrial heritage, Birmingham and Glasgow.