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by Siya F


By: Siya Fegade
Table of Contents
Introduction 1

Chapter 1. How to Take Care of a Dog ? 2

Chapter 2. Types of Dogs 3

Chapter 3. train Your Dog Simple Tricks 4

Chapter 4. Your Healthy Dog 5

Conclusion 6
Woof ! hey ! wait a second is that a dog? yes that´s a cute dog like people say.
would you want a dog? I would want one. today we will go on a adventure in this book.What do you know so far ? Read this book for more information.
you should read this book before you get a dog because you need to know if you have everything your dog needs and a good home.
Chapter One:
How to Take Care of Your Dog
Taking care of a dog is a big responsibility . You might want to get some suplies like a collar,dog food,dog bed,cage,toys,tag,dog treats,kennel,water bowl,and a food bowl.You need to let them rest for a little. Make sure that you put them in a room that has no plastic because it is bad and they can couk on them.this dog is outside and moving that is good for him.
Chapter Two:
Types of Dogs and Their body parts
Dogs can be diffrent types of dogs like, golden retrevers ,Yorkies,labadors,chinese crested dogs .These are the body parts of a dog.
chapter three :Train a Dog Simple Tricks
You can train your dog how to feach ,play frisbee,sit ,high five and and shake.First ,You can do it and let them see if they can do it.If they don´t know how ,then show them sit: you can say ¨sit ¨and sit.Then you say ¨sit¨ and see if your dog can do it.

Make sure you also should play frisbee and feach outside.Train them not to bite so you don´t get hurt.