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The Excuse Pad

by Yun Wang


Hi, welcome again to The Cafatorim Squad this amazing comic adventure starts with Dylan: A proud owner of a book of a (Not dangerous book) As always I am Dee Dee Foster. Let's start the adventure NOW…… 
                                                               The excuse pad
One fine morning at Newville elementary Dylan was in the science class and said Oh-No I did it again, Dylan had Been spending his night playing board games and his phone that he forgot to do his homework, Dylan needed the perfect excuse. Classmates were having in thor homework eventually it got to Dylan's turn to hand his homework just at that moment he said, Can I go to the bathroom (Not Dylan's best excuse) OK, said Ms. frog, Yay said Dylan at least it would buy him some time to do his homework. Dylan thought excuses: I was so excited to show you my homework but a bird swooped down and grabbed my homework and made a nest for her babies I couldn't kick them out of their home could I? Nah Dylan muttered to himself. Just then he felt something slippery he almost fell but he spun in circles barely managing to grab the door handle.  Girty, the ancient custodian giggled and said, Wow I had never seen that smooth triple-axle that smooth since the 1907 Olympics! What, that was forever ago, shouted Dylan. I meant 1970. Hey, look the book fair just opened, and don't think about how old am, said Girty.
Dylan thought, gotta enjoy this freedom while I still can! Hi, Said a peculiar man with a beard he looked a bit like Girty, the only things that are different are: He has a beard and a black cape, sideburnes. The Man said MY name is cheesecloth and what brings you to the book fair. Dylan lied I hear my mom calling me for dinner. Cheesecloth said it’s 9.45 Am boy, I can't miss a book of mine, Oh Yea said Dylan. How about I give you an early bird deal have this book 50% Off. This book will teach how you can make any people talking into fart sounds! I already know how to do that said, Dylan taking out his phone. You mean this app that does exactly that Asked Dylan. Impossible not as well as ppppfffttt pft! Dylan turned off the fart mouth app. Wow, you are already an advanced prankster! Exclaimed Cheesecloth. Here take this book this book will tell you the mystical art of teleportation, You can be anywhere. Do you mean that app that does exactly that, look now I am in Zanzibar exclaimed Dylan Gah Phones said cheesecloth? Cheesecloth crouched down and said your phone has lots of farty and fancy apps, But can it make excuses out of anything? Dylan had not had an app for that. Here any excuses written on here will fool anyone said cheesecloth. Your lying said Dylan trying to look disinterested.

To be continued………….. Did the excuse pad work??????????????????? Find out in Book 3

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