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What is life like in the UK?

by Jayashree Nithiyanandan


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-An island home
-Its a jigsaw
-Who are they?
-Where do they live?
-How are they doing and differences?
-How does it compare?
--1, An island home
Have you ever lived in an island? Well, for most islands, it would be a tragedy, but for Britain, it isn't! Around this page, you can find three INTERESTING things about Britain!
Where is the UK (or Great Britain) located?
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a country in Europe, off the north-western coast of the continental mainland. It is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland!
Longest River In Britain?
The longest river in Britain is River Severn!
What Does The British Isles Consist Of?

It consists of two countries which are the Republic Of Ireland And The UK.
The UK consists of 4 different nations which are England, the capital of UK,
Northen Ireland, Wales and Scotland!
British Isles?
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Its A Jigsaw
A Jigsaw?
As we already know from page 4, the British Isles is made up of two countries which are the United Kingdom and The Republic of Ireland. The UK is also made up of 4 nations which are England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Island. The population of the United Kingdom currently is 68 million.
Facts about The British Isles:

In 1100, England, Scotland and Wales were separate countries. Today they are not separate countries, They are conjoined to create the United Kingdom.

In 1171, The king of England, who is Henry II, takes control of Ireland. Later again, in 1276, Another king of England, who is Kind Edward I, took control of England.

In 1536, Henry the eighth united England and Wales (What a nice person!) And in 1707, England, Scotland and Wales, united and became Great Britain!

In 1801, Ireland became part of The United Kingdom, Ireland and Great Britain! And in 1922, The republic of Ireland had gained independence. Guess what happened next? Nothing! Today, The nations are still united to form the great UK!
Building Borders

20,000 years ago, nobody had discovered the British isles, it was completely empty and no people lived in the islands. But as time passed, people had started to arrive and started to place tribes. They also fought over land, religion and trading. And because of those fights, they had created borders, which is why we have borders now