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A Special School Day

by Brianah Ross


A special school day
By Brianah and Alyssa
There once was a little boy named Levi, who was in the fourth grade. He enjoyed school very much. He looked forward to seeing his friends and playing basketball.
Levi arrived to school one sunny day, happy like he always is to see his friends and his favorite teacher Ms. Campbell. This morning Ms. Campbell was excited to inform the class there was a new child joining them today. A boy that travelled all the way from Italy.
Ms. Campbell seated them all in a group circle where she introduced the class to Antonio. She encouraged them all to introduce and share a little something about themselves. This was an ice breaker for our classmates and Antonio.
When it was Antonio's turn to introduce himself, the class had noticed Antonio had spoke with an accent. The children weren't used to hearing anyone with an accent. The children started to laugh and say how funny it was, the way Antonio spoke.
Ms. Campbell broke up the circle and made all the children return to their desks. After the children were seated she told the children it's not acceptable to judge anyone. We are not a community that judges others on their interests, religions, or identity. We accept everyone for who they are.