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Whitebait Waiata

by Rakahuri and Waikuku Pegasus Bay School 2022


Pegasus Bay School: Rakahuri and Waikuku Present: The Whitebait Waiata
Digi Art By Caven
Out in the sea, down the road at Waikuku
Swim some little creatures you might think of as food
Wriggly baby fishies that are called Whitebait
Or īnanga
This is how they migrate
Digi Art By Katerina
First of all the eggs, they get laid down
In the estuary is where they can be found
Spring tides in Autumn, the water crisp and cool
The next flood washes them off to a..
New swimming pool
Digi Art By Georgia
Oh, oh, oh whitebait swimming in the deep blue sea
Slip, slide away so fast saying “you can't catch me!”
Oh, oh from salty water to fresh water, their new home will be
Swimming around in the Rakahuri
Digi Art By Elspeth
The baby whitebait they are called Larvae
They hatch and then they all get washed away
Into the ocean, for 6 months they stay
Having a salt water holiday
Digi Art By Taya
When the sun comes out and the water warms up a little
In Springtime up the river the whitebait wriggle
Against the tides, their swimming skills so strong
Off to find a place where the adult..
Whitebait belong