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Collage 2022

by Jennifer Berotti


Art & Literary Magazine
Sayville High School
Art & Literary Magazine
Sayville High School
Art Advisor
Ms. J. Berotti

Art Editors
Kate Cassidy
Kayla Kane
Kara Castagna
Noelle Bartolotta
Andrew Person
Cover art by
Nick Rampulla
Literary Advisor
Ms. M. Dashiell

Literary Editor
Alayna Pavao

Photograph by Olivia Colon
Abigail Galaris


Dreams come and go, 
Like a whisper in snow
Filling you up with joy,
Jumping around like a little boy.

They may stay or leave 
If you have no belief,
You will show grief.  

Why must it depart,
To lose one's heart?
Dreams come and go, 
Like a whisper in snow.

Watercolor by Oliva Tusso
Kaylee Cummings

breath of night

the chill of the wind is the breath of the night
cold and icy to leave an aftertaste of unease

on the branch of the tree lay a nest of birds
a home in which they no longer feel a sense of security

with the air comes aggression
there is a wrath in the drafts

the nest topples over and the hatchlings are crying
the adults are lost in a state of discombobulation

the birds huddle and settle in need of cognition
their world has turned upside down

but the night does not last forever
the night fades with the shade

the sun allows warmth and the sun allows freedom
the birds are lively but not yet safe

nestless and wounded with unstitched scars
a trauma unforgotten with a resolution soon to come

the forest creatures now assist with reparations
fallen branches and twigs used to build a new nest

a shelter restored, home in danger no more
there is strength within numbers that brings us together

and no longer did they blame all of the forest
their faith was restored

and the war was won.
Digital Illustration by
Lia Yeon-Hong Bickerton
Elizabeth Bossert        

Submerged in the torrent of the new year
Regretful actions of the past-
Engulfed by the pushing and pulling
As strong as the courage of a thousand men.

Though the drought of the past, few survivors remain:
Diligence, and confidence fight back 
Against a perilous tsunami 
Sweeping away regret.

The new year comes with challenges
Only a life raft comprised of reassurance-
Will keep you afloat 
As the drawing tide demolishes any weakness in its path.

The sloshing digresses, swirling and bubbling down a drain
Flopping fish of power and strength remain
Smothered after the tide dissipates.

Photograph by Sophia Bertsch
Quinn Babcock


Leaving me abandoned for an eternity
Wishing you weren’t whisked away
A vacancy is left within my heart
Nobody to help gather the broken fragments of my life

Destroying everything I have ever known
Fracturing my soul
A suffering too terrible to describe
My world on the verge of collapse

Stuck in this incessant silence
This everlasting pain
The mere thought of you, enough to unleash a monsoon of emotion
Left only with a faded memory of you