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The Daily November 15th

by The Daily newspaper


The Daily
Tuesday November 15th
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On November 15 a group of more than 400 angry students sat down in the school cafeteria and along with them came almost 200 pound the popular snack cheez its (inset) and sat down and ate the snack to try and bring it back because the snack was banned in the school after the incident that happened yesterday in which the snack scratched someone in the neck.But even that student participated in the strike and the riot in the office today. ¨I had never seen anything like this in my life¨ explains a former teacher the vegan teacher ¨those kids did not have the right to go on strike and raid the office¨
The teacher tried everything to convince them but it would not work. The students sat down ( as planned ) for 2 hours and finally stood up. Then at the end instead of going home they went to the front office and protested and raided the office. They raided the computers and got there right back after a hard fought battle for the snack.
Min-Gu Kim The Daily Chief editor
Jan. 6th incident spurs more
The Jan 6th indecent spurs a debate on whether the people can have guns as a form of self deference. Late Nov. as the Kenosha gun violence case closes the people around the country are starting to wonder if guns are okay for self defense uses. President Biden stated that starting from January 1st the country would temporarily ban guns for all civil uses except for those who serve in the police and the military. The HHS agreed with president Biden on the decision since gun violence has rosin 90% in the last 20 years. But the act Remains unclear on what type of gun they will ban. The full result will com out on December 2nd. - Min-Gu kim Chief editor
Grammerly sold to Google
Last week Grammerly was sold to Google for about 2 million dollars. Grammerly the popular word and email fixing company has been struggling because of the lack of need in the email word fixers. the email and social network companies have been already making there one grammar checkers for the needs of there uses. So Sundar Pichai the ceo of Google bought the little and struggling company in exchange all employs fo Grammerly would get to work in google - Stella grant senior reporter for the Daily
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Strike shocks Sandy elementary district
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After the teacher strike happens at district 746, many teacher are still reacting to the strike that happened on October 26th. The teacher were vowing to get better pay. but the district administrator Pat kelvin would refuse to make there 85 cent pay higher than 2$ as the teachers wished. So in response the teacher participating in the strike convinced the students they had to make there pay higher. Altogether the administrator received more that 50 letter on trying to make the teachers pay higher. One of the teachers was Jessica Lee. She had got over 3 $ in the past but since the pandemic hit the pay was lowered to 85 cents. ¨At first I could understand why they lowered the pay. But now that the pandemic is resoled there is no reason to make it the same. They Need to make it Higher!¨ said Mrs Lee
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Warren Buffett is buying big again
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S&P 500 drops 18%
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after more than 50 years of beaing the highest index on the stock list the index crashed after a bubble with stocksStocks fell sharply Monday — with the Dow suffering its worst day since the “Black Monday” market crash in 1987 and its third-worst day ever — even after the Federal Reserve embarked on a massive monetary stimulus campaign to curb slower economic growth amid the coronavirus outbreak. 
Stocks tanked on Monday, pushing the S&P 500 to a new low for the year amid growing concerns that the Federal Reserve's plan to raise interest rates could be too much for the economy and stock market to handle.
The fell as much as 2.5 percent to 2,530.54, surpassing its February intraday low of 2,532.69. The broad market index finished the session down 2 percent at 2,545.94, its lowest close for the year. The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 507.53 points to close at 23,592.98, bringing its two-day losses to more than 1,000 points. Shares of Amazon and Goldman Sachs led the declines.
Ai is here, what to look for
For years, billionaire investor Warren Buffett has been sitting on a mountain of cash. But with stocks at record highs, he struggled to find deals that caught his eye.
Now, with many other investors in selling mode, he's going shopping.
What's happening: Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway just disclosed that it bought almost 121 million shares of HP worth about $4.2 billion, giving Buffett a stake of more than 11% in the technology company.
HP (HPQ) shares are up 14% in premarket trading on Thursday.
It’s the nature of investing to look for the ‘next new thing,’ the company or technology or product that will bring the next sea-change to its industry – and with it, windfall profits. A look at history will show that these developments are often unpredictable, but they can be recognized early. The advent of digital tech in the late 90s provides a good example of the possible gains and risks. The survivors of the bubble have prospered mightily.
Now, artificial intelligence – AI, or machine learning – is poised to take the digital world to its next frontier. With applications in virtually every facet of the tech industry, from smartphones to robotics to data analytics, AI is going to change the way we interact with machines, with applications, and perhaps even with each other. The possibilities in this are endless, limited only to human imagination.

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