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Natalie Jones Courage

by Natalie Jones


Courage is not being fearless, but the victory over it!
By: Natalie A. Jones
the ability to do something difficult even if there's a risk
A way to demonstrate courage is to try new foods even if you might not like them.
Another way to be courageous is by going on a hike with your family even if there's a possibility a bug will bite you.
A Poem About Courage
Courage is to go through
Courage is to go on
Courage is to be brave if everything is gone
Courage is scary
and it can be frightening
but in the end, Courage can be heightening
So let us be courageous
As we turn more ages
Courage, Eustace, and Murial park their truck at the Katz Motel to stay there for the night. They walk inside to get some service and they get introduced by Kats.
"Courage, as his show's title suggests, is an extremely cowardly and anxious dog, easily frightened by almost anything. Despite this, when his owners or friends are in the face of danger, he will stop at nothing to save them, making him easily the bravest and most" courageous dog out there!
After the family gets checked into their hotel room, weird things start to happen. Spiders start coming out of nowhere! No one is safe here.
Spiders are coming from the bathroom, the hallway, the bedroom, and even the closet. "AHHHHHHHH" screams Courage. What will happen next?
Courage, being the great dog he is, comes to Murial and Eustace's rescue. Courage scares off the spiders and insects and gets his family to safety.