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Foster Care

by Riley Franklin


Foster Care and The Effect It Can Have On Children
by Riley Franklin

Professor Gracie Rossie
Overview of Foster Care
For those of you who do not know, foster care is a temporary service provided by States for children who cannot live with their families.
There are many reasons that one may be put into the foster care system with the most common ones being: abuse, neglect, and parental drug abuse.
What It Takes to Foster A Child
When a child gets put into the foster care system and taken away from their parents they tend to blame themselves for getting taken away, and need extra support when in foster care.
This video tells why some children need extra care and what it takes to be able to care for a child in foster care.
Self Care
This chart shows the number of suicide allegations made against kids in foster care compared to the total allegations made.
This is a problem because many kids are not able to withstand all of the pressure that they put on themselves and they start to have bad thoughts about themselves that could lead them to harming themslves.
The Feeling of Being Wanted
When a child gets passed around in the foster care system from home to home and can't find a stable home they start to feel a sense of worthlessness and like no one wants them to be apart of their family.
The feeling of finding a home where you feel loved and cared for relieves a huge pressure off of a child's shoulders. They finally start to feel like they are wanted by someone and not like they are worthless.
Solution To Children Blaming Themselves
The children could have many things that may help them through the trauma of being taken away from their parents, but one good option would be a cognitive behavioral therapist. The therapist could be the children safe place, or the person they open up to about their problems. The one person that could make a connection with the children so they know that they are not alone through the adoption process no matter how long or hard it is.