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John's Great Tomato Plant


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Johns great tomato plant
A child's guide on how to make a tomato plant.
Illustrated:Brighton Gerry
Arthor:Brighton Gerry
Mark really wanted to grow a green tomato plant. So he asked his mother And told her his brilliant idea.

Mark asked Mama, "Mama, can I make a tomato plant, and can you help me?" "Of course," Mama replied.
Before tomato plants can grow, the seeds must germinate or sprout. ...
Set your seed pots in a warm indoor space.
In about 5–10 days, your seeds will begin to sprout! ...
Feed tomato plants according to plant food directions.
John Watered the plant every single day inside his house. He saw nothing at first Besides dirt, but then he saw a small Sprout poke out. A few days later, the plant grew and had a few pedals on it.
It was time to transplant the tomato plant and put it outside. Mark made sure to take a nice hole out and then put the plant back in. He then put all the dirt back on the tomato plant. Then he gave The tomato plants some water.
That night, while John's mom was getting him a bedtime story, he told her that the tomato plant was going to grow into the biggest tomato plant. His mother tucked him into bed. And she dreams of How delicious the tomatoes would be.
John woke up and ate his breakfast, but his momma said, John, look outside at your tomato plant." John Hurley went outside to look at his tomato plant. It was growing very quickly and went into the sky. Everyone in his whole city could see it as it grew.
He got some water to make sure the plant had enough water. And the tomato plant just kept growing. Everyone got closer to the Magnificent tomato plant to see it grow.
John and his family made Tomato sauce and salsa in the kitchen. There were pots full of tomato sauce and salsa. Everyone smelled the amazing aroma of the salsa and tomato sauce in the kitchen.
There were long lines of people waiting to try the delicious salsa. People all over the city brought chips and crackers to have the salsa with. And everybody Brought something to have a massive party.