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was Paolo Guinigi's second wife and, definitely, the most beloved.
She was born in Zuccarello, Liguria, in 1379 and spent her childhood and youth in the castle where she had an appropriate upbringing for her noble origins.
When her father arranged the marriage with Paolo Guinigi, Lord of Lucca, Ilaria welcomed it willingly since she placed her faith in her parents' love and knew that they would never make any decision that could harm her.
Paolo Guinigi welcomed Ilaria and her bridal procession on Ponte San Pietro, at about 4 km from Lucca. The following day the marriage was celebrated in the Church of San Romano and, for the occasion, Paolo repealed the law that prevented nobles from wearing splendid clothes: Ilaria was therefore surrounded by unprecedented wealth.
As a token of love and loyalty, Paolo Guinigi gave Ilaria a little dog, from whom she would never part.
Paolo and Ilaria were madly in love and used to walk along the roof-garden of Torre Guinigi.
Ilaria: "The's wonderful....I'd like to stay here for a while... ."

Paolo: "As you wish, my darling."

Ilaria: "Or even....forever."
Ilaria: "Ouch...the baby kicks!"

Paolo: " We'll call him Ladislao."