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my life



my life
illustrated by juliana robinson
Pictures. by juliana
Written. by juliana
my name is juliana and this is my story of my life
it all started when. I had. four baby sisters and one brother it was quite hard taking care of them all. But. My sister and I both have
A different dad. have the same mom my brother and i dont have the same mom but we have the same dad i havent seen my mom in a long time becuase im with my nene for school in cca so its hard
and i have a really mean sister her name is zayana she hits me and kicks me i dont really like her i only like my baby sisters there babys so its not really hard i like to play roblox becuase i play with friends and its gives me a breather
will now show you my me and my sisters
This is exactly why. It's so hard for me to get. My baby sister's ready and stuff.
And making their bottles clothing them and stuff but I get a breather from that. Now I'm with my Grandma so I'm now perfectly great I'm feeling better for my covid-19 and I had to stay away from my sisters stuff for my alarm really long time but I'm good now and that's the only thing that matters in my sisters are safe and they're not sick. That's all I really care about I love they on and but she's just mean sometimes.
Imma do this real fast on the show a video of us. Okay it may not be everybody but I'll try to get some people in that soon do I get to show you my writing maybe my homework yeah.
And I'm really a fan of Billy

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