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Science experiment

by Ciara Bennett


My Science Project!
Our investigation!
How do we preserve the temperature of water for as long as possible?
What do we need?
- 3 paper cups
- cotton wool
- tinfoil
- hot water
- elastic bands
- thermometers
- graduated cylinder
Step 1!
Wrap two cups in different materials and leave one cup as normal to act as a control.

What is a control?
A control is an experiment that nothing is added to or changed. It gives us a fair test.
Step 2!
Measure the same amount of hot water and take it's temperature. Next, add it to each cup.
Step 3!
Set a timer for 2 minutes and start it as soon as the water is added to the cups. Observe any temperature changes!
Starting temperature

After two minutes
Cotton- 49C
Tinfoil- 48C
Control- 47C
What does this tell us?
The cotton wool insulated the water most effectively.