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Schoology Tips and Tricks for Students

by Jeffco Ed Tech


Pro Tips & Tricks For Students
Welcome to Schoology Tips and Tricks for Students
We are compiling lots of phenomenal tips to help make using Schoology easier and more efficient!

If you have an awesome tip to share, email to get it added to the book!

Recent Activity Tab
The Recent Activity section shows all comments and updates pertaining to your courses. Click on Most Recent in the top right-hand corner of the home page and select a filtering option.
The Upcoming area of your homepage shows the events, assignments, tests, quizzes and discussions that have an associated due date. If your teacher has not assigned a due date to a task, it will not appear here. Be sure to check associated course materials and pages to be sure you do not miss any work that needs to be completed.

Use your Calendar to See Assignments
The Schoology calendar allows you to see your work, events and tasks by week, month or day. It keeps you organized and it is easily accessible. Items on your calendar are color coded, depending on the group, course or event. You can also add personal events to your calendar, as well.