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Rose and Bella the Baby Bear

by Amelia Rose Staines

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Rose and Bella the baby bear
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Once upon a time there was a girl called Rose who lived at the edge of a forest with her mother.Rose had lush brown hair and dark brown freckles.Early one morning her mother asked her to bring a present to her dads house because it was her sisters birthday.In her present box she had tasty ice cream cake and a fuzzy teddy bear
Next Rose began to walk through the forest.She began to look around.She saw a small fuzzy brown bear sitting on a tree stump.
"Whats in your box"?asked Bella the baby bear.
"Tasty ice cream cake and a cuddly teddy bear for my step sister",answered Rose.Bella the bear crawled away and Rose kept on walking.
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Soon she saw her sister's house .The house had a beautiful garden and a lake that was as blue as the sky.When she got there she knocked on the light brown birch door.
"Who is it?said a tiny voice"
"Its me Rose and in she went.
Rose sat on the bouncy bed as her sister opened her presents.
"What big eyes you have step sister"said Rose.
"All the better to see you with sister"said her step sister.
"What fuzzy hair you have step sister"said Rose
"All the better to party with sister"said her step sister.
"What big hands you have step sister"said Rose
"All the better to hug you to death with"said Bella the baby bear.
Suddenly Bella the baby took of the disguise and started chasing Rose around the house.
Chapter 5
Bella the baby bear was jealous of Rose because Bella's family was trapped in a cage.Luckily their dad came hone from work.He told Bella he would free her family if she promised to never to never come back.Emma Rose's sister jumped out of the the secret bunker under the house.She was safe.Bella the baby bear kept her promise and never came back.Rose Emma and their dad lived Happily ever after.

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